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Since 2018 our gardeners have transformed over three acres of the property into sprawling edible and botanical gardens which supply Spirits Bar & Grill, our on-site Farmstand, and create a colorful oasis for residents and guests alike.

About the Gardens

Garden to table dining | farmstand | colorful oasis

Gardens and Sustainability

Visit out newly constructed Farmstand located outside of the hotel lobby. Available to guests, locals, and Bayside residents to procure fresh, seasonal produce.

  • Since 2018, the two acres of chemical-free, edible landscape provided over 6,000 pounds of garden-to-table produce for the restaurant and Bayside meals.

  • The gardens utilize local manure, seaweed, kitchen food scraps, and biochar to create rich compost and build rich, carbon-sequestering soil, Adding organic amendments creates nutrient-dense food, which travels 0.04 miles to the kitchen, and is used within days.

  • Flowers and native plants abound, inviting pollinators and humans alike to relish in the rich eco-systems unfolding.

  • Perennials such as artichokes, raspberries, blackberries, rhubarb, and fruit trees will provide low-input foods for years to come.

  • The wood used to build the greenhouse, pergola, and garden boxes are sourced from a local mill that sustainable harvests trees.

  • The construction of a bioswale rain garden will soon catch and filter runoff from neighboring homes and roadways before running off the bluff and entering Puget Sound.

  • Significant water savings area also seen thanks to the installation of drip irrigation systems and healthy, water-retaining soils.

  • The investment in rechargeable, battery-powered lawnmower and leafblower minimizes air and noise pollution.

  • Biochar has been incorporated into the soils and compost for the past several years. Biochar sequesters carbon in the earth while promoting healthy organisms and water retention.

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