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Bayside Gallery is here to benefit Bayside Housing & Services. When you purchase art in the gallery or the Gift Shop you are directly contributing to our mission: Strengthening our community through housing, advocacy, and human services supporting social and economic independence. From all of the staff at OAP and Bayside, THANK YOU!


Susan Keister

The Artist and The Mission:

During her lifetime, Susan Keister was reluctant to exhibit her work. An innate modesty, coupled with a generosity that preferred to elevate the achievements of others over her own, fed her commitment to quietly create and to share those creations only with those closest to her. This lucky circle included her large and loving family, her many friends, the staff of The Old Alcohol Plant Inn, and the board, program participants, and staff of Bayside Housing & Services, which is the nonprofit she founded with her husband, Gary Keister, to serve people experiencing homelessness in Jefferson County, Washington.

With Susan Keister: A Life of Mark Making, so many more of us will have an opportunity to enjoy an exhibition of 75 of her paintings, prints, and collages culled from private collections and bound archives. Many of these artworks are shown as Giclee prints, so as to preserve the integrity of the bound archives themselves.

The exhibition shows Susan's strong use of color and composition. She imbues her subjects with charm, wit, and a muscular eloquence, whether they be animated products of her dynamic imagination, inanimate objects as still lives, or discerning and expressive self-portraits. 

Susam Michelle Keister was born in Everett, Washington on June 6, 1941, and passed away at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle on August 22, 2022. She attended Everett High School, and studied at Washington State University, and later in life received a degree in Art History from the University of Washington. Art became a passion she shared with children, grandchildren, visitors to the General Petroleum Museum in Seattle (which she led), and the program participants and staff at Bayside Housing & Services. She spent many hours in her studio - painting, studying new art forms, and taking classes from the masters. Of these hours of study, we are the beneficiaries.

No short biography of Susan Keister would be complete without making note of the kind, compassionate, and non-judgemental way she related to everyone she knew. Her curiosity, ready affection, and genuine warmth were gifts of positive influence she shared with those who were so fortunate to know her. Susan's intangible legacy of emotional intelligence is made beautifully and profoundly tangible in this selection of the best of her artworks.

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