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Bayside Gallery is here to benefit Bayside Housing & Services. When you purchase art in the gallery or the Gift Shop you are directly contributing to our mission: Strengthening our community through housing, advocacy, and human services supporting social and economic independence. From all of the staff at OAP and Bayside, THANK YOU!

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Margaret Woodcock

paintings | collage | prints

Our current exhibit is Margaret Woodcock a local artist whose art is shown in Port Townsend and Port Hadlock. This exhibition is available to the public to view from September 4, 2022, until October 16, 2022. The Gallery is open 7 days a week from

9:00 am - 9:00 pm. 

“I am a visual artist who has for some time been intrigued and motivated to manipulate multiple media to create images on a two-dimensional surface.

As a result, I find working in paint, using drawing materials like pastel, charcoal, or ink, cutting and gluing images, transferring visual information to a surface, or developing etched plates and printing them all very inspiring media.

I generally categorize my work into Painting, Collages, and Prints.”

—Margaret Woodcock