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Bayside Gallery is here to benefit Bayside Housing & Services. When you purchase art in the gallery or the Gift Shop you are directly contributing to our mission: Strengthening our community through housing, advocacy, and human services supporting social and economic independence. From all of the staff at OAP and Bayside, THANK YOU!

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Michael Griffin

My introduction to the world of photography and digital art came organically. Through my dad, who was a photographer for the

Chicago Tribune in the 1970s, photography was an inherent and natural fit for me.


Travel serves as a main driving force in my desire to create, influencing my creative life immensely. The people, places, and

the myriad of differences between them have been intimately involved in my love affair with photography.


Color and texture are another huge influence on my work. Both can convey a time, a place, and a feeling, and I have an

overwhelming need to keep them as very close and personal friends of mine.


In addition to the actual capture, I find my happy place when manipulating images using different textures, varying tones,

filters, and degrees of saturation and vibrance.


I follow where the wind and fate take me, always with an eye on unsuspecting moments that can be captured though my eye,

my lens.


Currently, I live in Poulsbo, Washington with my wife, Amy, and my two children, Gracie and Gus.

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Hallway Gallery

Evy Olsen Halvorsen

Evy Olsen Halvorsen (aka Halvorsen Holstein) lives in the town of Kingston in the Pacific Northwest and was born in northern Norway. Evy and her parents immigrated in 1956 to the neighborhood of Ballard in Seattle WA. After graduation from High School, and some community college, Evy moved briefly to San Francisco before landing in Kitsap County with husband and daughters.

After raising her daughters, owning a couple of businesses, she continued her education at Cornish College of the Arts, receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts, cum laude in 1999, in Painting and Printmaking.

“I am drawn to challenges and sometimes shift styles, looking for a path to a new expression of my thoughts. Metaphors are my current interest and the challenge is to be successful in translating my ideas for the viewer. Sometimes I’ll revise a painting several times before I’m satisfied or sufficiently ok with it”

 “Perhaps because of the landscape of my childhood I am drawn to creating a sense of space, color. Norway is a dramatic country especially the islands I come from which are above the Arctic circle. I love that open country, sharp mountains rising out of the sea, the quickly changing sky. Not unlike the home I have here, water, mountains and open skies


Landscape dwells large in my consciousness. The landscape of time, space, and color.

This space around us all weighs on me, as a comfort and a challenge.

Color is my guide to finding my way around this space,

anchoring and directing my thoughts, taking me home.

The images I’m drawn to may be a literal translation or an abstracted

vision of terrain and memory. A color impression,

a botanical image or a visiting traveler may occupy the surface I attempt to fill.

It is still always about the space, the welcoming space.

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