Guest Experience

Don’t sleep (or dine) with just anybody...Stay with somebody you know.

So, let’s get to know each other!  


Let’s start with the tough subject of health right now.  There are distinct advantages to staying and dining in a boutique hotel.  The Old Alcohol Plant is a beautiful, old hotel that was first designed and built as a manufacturing plant for alcohol (no, not that kind) by the Adams family (no, not that one).  Ansel Adams’ father built this place, and that industrial-hip, on-trend cache has been lovingly restored.  More importantly now, the large scale room size, corridors and open space of 3 acres off the main road means easy social distancing —and then some. 

Safety comes in many ways.  We grow some of the food for our garden-to-table restaurant right on the property only feet from the kitchen.  You can stroll the grounds and see the wholesome produce handled carefully and responsibly by only a few.  We locally source often and use trusted purveyors we know.  Our expert chef and small staff practice the most stringent standards in safe food handling.  Carry out is in cardboard (not plastic!) and your delicious meal will be brought to your car by someone masked and freshly gloved.   

Count on your suite being sparkling clean above and beyond your expectation.  We have friends and family who stay here and we care for this place and everyone in it as we do for our loved ones.  As you enter your room, know that your door knob, the light switch, drawer pulls on your dresser… every surface was deep cleaned and sanitized getting ready for your arrival. Every day the stair rails, elevator buttons… any surface you might touch are sanitized.  

Some of our safety practices are common sense like hand washing, using hand sanitizer, masking when social distancing isn’t possible, your food prepared by gloved kitchen staff and much more.  We closely monitor the latest information from the CDC, government mandates and public health advancements so we can continue to update our Procedures and Best Practices to be compliant and the safest possible.  If you’d like to know the details, click here.


These aren’t the sexiest reasons to stay with us, but in these times they sure are important.  Your safety is our #1 concern.  We will keep you informed on any updates on these measures.  If you have any questions or want more details, just ask.