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Restaurant Hours:
Tuesdays - Thursday, and Sundays
Friday and Saturdays

Please be patient

With limited and new staffing, food and drink wait times may take longer than you may expect.  Thank you for your patience and for your choosing your dining experience with us! 

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You know how delicious food tastes when it’s picked fresh and ripe, right out of the garden.  Well, just steps from the restaurant is our own Kitchen Garden where you’ll see the inspiration for our seasonal menu. These delectable offerings come from the earth straight to your plate, sometimes on the same day... made even more delicious by our Executive Chef Troy Murrell and his dedicated team.


Our gardens are grown with sustainable practices in healthy soil without chemicals: how much closer can you get to your food? We feed our soil with compost from restaurant scraps and we supplement with trace minerals; in turn, our nutrient-dense veggies feed us. 


Expect the best of the season: delicious and nutritious salad mixes, garnishes, braised vegetables, fresh-baked focaccia bread with garden herbs, and fruits and berries harvested weekly by our gardeners. Our chefs and bartenders get creative with the garden's bounty.

Our Local Providers

Old Alcohol Plant Inn Gardens
Finn River Farm & Cidery

Marrowstone Island Shellfish
Key City Fish
Port Townsend Brewing Company
Port Townsend Coffee Roasting Co.
Chimacum Valley Dairy

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have built upon already stringent standards of hygiene and sanitation at Spirits Bar & Grill, where rigorous protocols are implemented daily. We have partnered with Ecolab for top of the industry, science-based cleaning and disinfecting programs and protocols to afford our staff and guests an exceptional experience while also providing comfort and confidence in a clean environment.

Thank you for trusting us to serve you... thank you for being here!

The Old Alcohol Plant is proudly partnered with Bayside Housing & Services. Their mission and ours: "To strengthen our community through housing, advocacy, and human services supporting social and economic independence." When you book a stay at the Old Alcohol Plant or enjoy a meal in Spirits Bar & Grill, you are supporting our mission as we assist the local community with the housing crisis in Jefferson County. From all of us... Thank You! If you would like to donate, please let your server know. They will add your donation to your bill. Or donate here!

From Our Gardens to Your Table... 

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