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9 Jun

Ansel Adams Gift Shop: Dotti Holland

Dotti has lived in the Pacific Northwest for 18 years and attended Cornish College of the Arts in Fine Art. She loves to observe the local birds, many of which appear in her mixed media collages. She starts with graphite pencil and draws from a photograph. She then layers with colored pencils. She finds matching...
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16 May

Ansel Adams Gift Shop: Carol Heath Stabile

Rolled paper beads date to Victorian days, when wallpaper remnants and catalog pages were transformed into everything from jewelry to curtains. Carol Heath Stabile’s work demonstrates both traditional tapered beads and a modern cylindrical bead she uses in her jewelry. Using papers culled from magazines, maps, origami papers, and even food labels, she creates beads and turns them...
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14 May

Townsend Bay Music Festival: Happenstance

Happenstance is a band based in Port Townsend , Washington, USA. We like to stir-up-a-storm, and help blow away the cobwebs with our own unique musical style, playing spirited, traditional folk songs from the British Isles. We refer to ourselves as “very eclectic” and lots of fun. Be prepared to join in the choruses, march...
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4 May

Meet the Artist: Gary Nisbet

“Collage is a unique and immediate means of artistic expression.” -Gary Nisbet GARY NISBET has been represented by galleries in New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, and Los Angeles. His first art dealer in Seattle was Lisa Harris Gallery, where he celebrated a 25-year career with a major retrospective in 2016. Nisbet...
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26 Apr

A little bit about our BIG Garden

We are so excited and passionate about the garden at OAP. Patrick Ryland and Kira have been working tirelessly on making our garden a renewable resource for our restaurant. Patrick gave me the grand tour, beginning at the “shed” a makeshift garden starter area next to the hotel. They have many plant and herb “baby...
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9 Apr

Dinner with Don Tiller and Jolene Sunding

Dinner with the Artists Sunday, April 15th 4:00-7:00pm $29, Three-Courses Exhibit tour, then dinner with the artists to talk shop Reserve your spot here, then pay for your dinner the night of the event. Three courses are included for $29; tax, gratuity, and beverages are all additional. MENU First Course (choose one) Smoked Tomato Bisque...
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