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3 Oct

The Gallery @ OAP: Harold Nelson

Harold Nelson has some of his amazing work displayed now in The Gallery @ OAP until October 28th. I spent 32 years of my life working as a U.S. civil servant, the last 17 years  in Washington DC. During that time I worked on art in isolation and except for a small photography show in California...
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1 Oct

The Gallery @ OAP: Peter Juvonen

Peter Juvonen is one of the Group of 9 artists work that is on display in The Gallery @ OAP until October 28th. Peter was born in Turku, Finland and is a nationally recognized artist with over 30 years of experience. He has participated in over 25 solo exhibits and more than 80 group shows...
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29 Sep

Seafarer Festival 2018: Wayne Chimenti

Captain WAYNE CHIMENTI is a Master Mariner, Rigger, Sailmaker and Educator with 34 years in sail training. Wayne has sailed on twenty different schooners and square-riggers throughout the world. He has seen a lot of blue water and visited far-flung lands.  As a rigger, he has rigged six “Tall Ships” from the deck up. With...
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24 Sep

The Gallery @ OAP: Lisa Sheets

About My Work These collages are my subconscious’ ongoing communication about relationships, culture, and my own life. I’m interested in the combination of religious art historical iconography, and pop culture images, to stress the sacred in our modern day life. My most recent work focuses on women’s historic contributions to the workforce. After many years...
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20 Sep

The Gallery @ OAP: Loran Scruggs

Loran’s work will be on display in The Gallery @ OAP until October 28th along with 8 other artists. After you enjoy a leisurely walk through the gallery, enjoy a delicious meal in the Spirts Bar & Grill. I’ve been working with tin cans and bottle caps since 1991.  I love the colors, fonts and...
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19 Sep

The Gallery @ OAP: Hart James

Hart James is one of the 9 artists featured in The Gallery @ OAP until October 28th, 2018. Her art is a must see in person. My work speaks of the energy of nature. The current of the water, the flow of the air over us, the rock formations that form the foundation under our...
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26 Jul

Ansel Adams Gift Shop: Linda Collins Chapman

Linda Collins Chapman is recognized for her decorative carved designs in stoneware and porcelain.  Innovative plates, graceful vases and striking wall pieces act as ceramic canvases for her use of a surprisingly wide color range.  This, in conjunction with her fine design sense, distinguishes her work. “I have been  obsessed with clay for 40 years, and...
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