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Katey Rissi

Katey Rissi

This is a series from and about the Anthropocene - the epoch we are currently in, defined by human impact on the ecosystems, climate and geography of Earth. This is a series about environmental grief, about the layered and non-linear quality of time. This is a series about complexity - the complexity and contrast of ecological systems interacting with the built environment, the complexity and tension in how we document, categorize and define the natural world as our actions destroy it.

A friend recently shared an idea with me - that the Latin naming system for the "natural world" is a linguistic colonization of line on Earth. Colonization and environmental destruction are two parts of the same wound. This is also a series about the way things exist at the same time. How balance is an ecological principle, but sometimes not a human one. Layering, contrast, balance, conflict, loss, resilience, acknowledgement. Because of the themes explored in this series, and because it is important and true, I want to acknowledge that this work was made on occupied Suquamish land. I am in deep gratitude and hold deep grief for the people who have tended this land for thousands and thousand of years.

These pieces were created with various printmaking and photography techniques that are layered together along with found objects from the earth. Feathers, leaves, spore prints - treasure all around, offerings for noticing and remembering and cherishing. Layered in with these are herbal medicines - calendula and elder, both powerful allies in this time.

Technical processes used include cyanotype, gel medium/xerox/tape tranfers, block printing and spore printing. All photographs were created by double and triple exposing 35mm film with a manual SLR camera circa 1970's.

If you have questions about the work you see in the hallway, I can be contacted at

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