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Tom L. White

Tom White was born and raised in Minnesota. He has had an artistic talent since he was young. Drawing and painting were his media as a teenager and young adult, and he took art classes in high ​​school and college. Living in northern Minnesota and later in Alaska, Tom developed an appreciation of.nature and the outdoors.


After he married his wife, Wendy,they moved to Juneau, Alaska where he ventured into photography. There were plenty of photo ops in this scenic capitol of Alaska, and he even had a show in which his work was well received.


Tom and Wendy have lived, worked and raised their children (Eric and Lora) in Port Townsend during the past twenty-nine years. There was a hiatus in his artistic photographic pursuits until the past couple of years. Tom purchased his first digital camera at that time and returned to his passion with renewed dedication. 


He has a unique eye for the abstract with subjects ranging from nature to the marina to character studies. He is sensitive, patient, and persistent in his craft. His work invites interpretation, and moves the audience to delve into his photographs to seek meaning or even find another perspective. Tom states, "There are potential photographs

everywhere - creative photography happens with a personal

vision of the subject. I like to take ordinary subjects and make them extraordinary.

Jolene Sanborn

Jolene's family is full of artists, her father being one of them. She grew up watching him paint with oils and acrylics.  He was always asking her what she was “seeing” with an artist’s eye.  In 2000 she leapt into watercolor, the medium no one in her family had tackled, and she hasn't looked back! She is self-taught for the most part but has worked with several Washington artists, including Judith McNea, Owen Hall, Deanne Lemley, Ann Breckon, Nancy Taylor Stonington, Eric Wiengardt and Kay Barnes, each of whom has had a profound impact on her work. 

Nature has always been her passion. Living in the Pacific NW stirs her need for creative expression as she watches salmon returning, observes swans and snow geese wintering in the Skagit Valley, or the clouds playing across our mountains. She is driven to paint what she sees and feels! She strives to honor the magnificence of our environment in her work.  Watercolor provides her with a medium that allows her to express not only the softness of a scene, but also the outrageous colors she experiences around her. She hopes as you view her work that you will see and feel her emotions about the subjects she paints and be moved, as she was moved.

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