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12 Dec

NYE @ OAP: DJ Miss Ashley

Grace Love and the Dirty Church want you to come out and dance the night away. The night will be happening with DJ Miss Ashley who can be found at 3am-6am on KEXP. Don’t miss this party do something new and fun to bring in the new year. All ticket prices include a champagne toast.

VIP $25 special seating available. Upgrades are available at the door. 

You can buy tickets in person at the Old Alcohol Plant or online via www.missgracelove.com

About DJ Miss Ashley:

My passion for music began as a kid playing the flute, continued in the form of studying music production and lead to an incredibly fun job in radio!

I started at KEXP in 2007 with a couple of internships in programming and production. In 2009, I received a time slot as an overnight DJ at KEXP, which is where you can hear my mixes of just about any genre, every Monday morning from 3-6 AM PST. In recent years I’ve found myself deep into reggae and Latin music genres and now regularly fill-in DJ for both Positive Vibrations and El Sonido on KEXP, when needed. I absolutely love discovering, mixing and sharing music with everyone!

Tune in!


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