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Artist of the Month: Laurie Dent

4 Dec

Artist of the Month: Laurie Dent

Laurie Dent


Jewelry Designer

Laurie Dent is a local artist currently residing in Chimacum, Washington. She has lived a varied and a well traveled life. She spends most of her time creating works of art in her local studio. Her work is whimsical, fun loving, and elegant. She loves to create and show others how to as well.

Her beaded works are very lively, and are reminiscent of her travels, capturing the beautiful shapes and colors of flowers, stars in the sky, and sunsets across in the country.

‘My mother, who was an Artist of many mediums, inspired me to pursue the joy of making things with your own hands. My passion in life has followed a similar path. I am a self taught bead artist. I learned to bead from books as I traveled the back roads of America in a travel trailer. I bought beads in most towns where we stopped along the way. I have been beading for 9 years and there is always more to learn.’ 

*Laurie’s rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that we carry range in price of $22.00 to $75.00. They will make for a cheerful addition to your wardrobe and a thoughtful gift for your feminine dear ones.

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