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The Gallery @ OAP: Michelle de Lancey

13 Nov

The Gallery @ OAP: Michelle de Lancey

The Gallery @ OAP: Michelle de Lancey

Born in New Orleans and raised in Southern California,  Michelle studied Art and Interior Design at Pepperdine University, Cal State University Long Beach and Cal State University Northridge.  She has worked for preeminent Commercial and Residential Interior Design and Home building firms for the past 31 years.

Michelle is an emerging photographer and while her extensive formal training in the visual arts serves as the foundation for her photographic compositions, she is predominately self-taught in the technical aspects of photography.

Michelle is an Urban Explorer and a Storyteller. Her images are often a reflection of her own inner landscape, but ultimately, the narrative belongs to the viewer where one is invited to become immersed in the image; to allow their own experience to unfold.  Her passion for Street Photography is derived from her love of travel and the surprises and discoveries associated with roads less traveled- along with her interest in the human condition. She fuses her passions from an empathetic and instinctive approach, by connecting with her subjects (if only from a distance) to capture the beautiful, the ugly, the painful, the ecstatic, and the banal.

Michelle believes the creative process of capturing a single image is a metamorphosis. Nourished by the unfolding of her own life experiences and responses,  a digital image memorializes temporary moments captured in time, which are a result of a culmination of experiences and relationships of the group as a whole. The creative process possesses a sacredness and Michelle is committed to honoring its truth.

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