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Seafarers Festival 2018: Cpt. Dano Quinn

16 Oct

Seafarers Festival 2018: Cpt. Dano Quinn

DANO QUINN fell in the water while crabbing at age 5, and never came back out.  He grew up near Mystic, CT, and started his sea-going life in the passenger schooners that put out from there. He sailed on tall ships and sail training vessels for over 15 years, and met his wife Maho while in Seattle to help build a tall ship.  He stole her away to sea and they sailed together for about 7 years, settling back in Seattle when their son was 2 years old.  In his almost 40 years at sea he’s worked everything from the tall ships to research vessels, small cruise ships to yachts, and uses it all to help spin his yarns.  Most of his stuff is humorous, and told in a rhyming ballad style.  Dano came into the Fisher Poets Gathering under the radar, cuz he never was a commercial fisherman, but told a couple of fishing stories his first time there in 2006 and, like spawning salmon, has been coming back ever since. He’s won the Seattle Maritime Festival “Stories of the Sea” Contest four times, and has also won the Northwest Folklife Festival Liar’s Contest… No, really!

You can see more of Dano’s work on his Facebook page: 

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