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Seafarer Festival 2018: Wayne Chimenti

29 Sep

Seafarer Festival 2018: Wayne Chimenti

Captain WAYNE CHIMENTI is a Master Mariner, Rigger, Sailmaker and Educator with 34 years in sail training. Wayne has sailed on twenty different schooners and square-riggers throughout the world. He has seen a lot of blue water and visited far-flung lands.  As a rigger, he has rigged six “Tall Ships” from the deck up. With his wife and daughter they run Force 10 Sails, a family sail loft that makes sails for traditional vessels. Now settled into Marrowstone Island on Puget Sound, Wayne coordinates the Community Boat Project a program of the Boat School which teams up local mentors with teens in free, accredited high school programs. 

Wayne has a passion for story telling, and draws on his deep life experiences on the sea. He also writes poetry and is a working shantyman.

“Boats are Magic Carpets for the human imagination and spirit. It is my job to make sure everyone, who has the daring to dream and step aboard, gets a ride.”

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