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The Gallery @ OAP: Stephen Yates

26 Sep

The Gallery @ OAP: Stephen Yates

Stephen Yates is part of a Group of 9 artists that are being displayed in the Gallery @ OAP until October 28th. Come out and see the art exhibit, then stay and enjoy a delicious meal in the Spirits Bar & Grill.

A little bit about Stephen:

I am fascinated with the imagery of undersea, under-the-microscope and outer-space and the curious ways they seem related.  I’m looking at the macro and the micro in various atmospheres.

These paintings often read in different ways to different viewers, and I like that complexity. We all bring our interests and experiences when we see artwork, so the skin-diver might see fish under water, the biologist can see micro-organisms from a pond and the astronomer sees a galaxy in space.

This piece is part of his Cosmos Collection:

For more on Stephen Yates, visit his website by clicking here


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