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The Gallery @ OAP: Hart James

19 Sep

The Gallery @ OAP: Hart James

Hart James is one of the 9 artists featured in The Gallery @ OAP until October 28th, 2018. Her art is a must see in person.
My work speaks of the energy of nature. The current of the water, the flow of the air over us, the rock formations that form the foundation under our feet and the movement of those foundations. The natural world is very simply alive. It is nothing to be taken for granted. It is as much a part of us, as our circulatory system.
‘Nature is on the inside.’ Cezanne

Growing up on a farm, Hart absorbed the natural world around her small child, self. A backpack filled with empty jars, Golden Guide Books on Insects, Plants and Birds, she spent the daylight hours studying the beauty, the transience, the processes and cycles, the details of construction in nature.

Hart has come to realize that very few people have her background. In her early years on the farm, she spent all the daylight hours in nature. She wandered the family farm  and all of the adjoining farms of the neighbors. It was more than 1500 acres of countryside and farmland. In these surroundings, she became attuned to the natural world in a way that seems more connected to earlier societies, than with our present day world. She intuited natural processes that are just now being ‘discovered’ by modern scientists. Hart understood the infinity of space, the insignificance of man, the transient nature of life, and the omnipotent power of the life force of nature. This was at the age of ten.

It is with this knowledge that Hart paints.  Using oil, and charcoal, every painting is an attempt to reunite with an existence symbiotic with the natural world. Her paintings are abstract landscapes.
Studying at the Art Institute of Chicago, the San Francisco Art Institute, with Anne Truitt, Vera Berdich, and, Ed Pashcke, among others, and studying at Northwestern in art history and biology has made a strong background for Hart’s devotion to the arts. She has attended artist residencies across the country, Oxbow, Morris Graves Foundation, and Seaside. In 2017, Hart was awarded a fellowship to attend Vermont Studio Residency.
One recent reviewer said of her work: 
“Her compositions are strong, her color usage muted but glowing, and everything from tree trunks to leaves to water and air has a heavy, chiseled look with consistent paint application that announces in no uncertain terms that we are looking not at illusory pictures but at solid layers of paint on a flat surface. It may be old fashioned of me to say it, but that’s what painting is all about.”

More about Hart James, click here.

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