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26 Jul

Ansel Adams Gift Shop: Linda Collins Chapman

Linda Collins Chapman is recognized for her decorative carved designs in stoneware and porcelain.  Innovative plates, graceful vases and striking wall pieces act as ceramic canvases for her use of a surprisingly wide color range.  This, in conjunction with her fine design sense, distinguishes her work.

“I have been  obsessed with clay for 40 years, and I am still excited by the inherent cyclical nature of the ceramic process.  Taking the risk of making, exploring new dimensions, literally “playing with fire”   mirrors life in terms of anticipating change and accepting the results and challenges clay presents.

The ceramic chemistry and carving may appear to be complicated, but I actually rely on time-tested processes.  Universal symbols act to illustrate a sense of order and space through abstraction and geometric formalization. My innovation is a result of how the symbols, colors and theories are energized by a synthesis of new ideas and modern technology.”

For more on Linda Collins Chapman, please visit her website: www.lindachapmandesign.com


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