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Ansel Adams Gift Shop: Ardyce Sakimoto

18 Jun

Ansel Adams Gift Shop: Ardyce Sakimoto

All my life I have loved color.  I think growing up in Honolulu had a lot to do with it.  The melding of so many cultures as well as the Hawaiian culture gave me exposure that I did not realize till much later would influence my choices in clothing and jewelry.
It wasn’t until I retired and had the time to repair some broken necklaces, that the dam broke.  I bought more beads and all I can say is I became a beadaholic.  I loved the colors, the sparkle, the combinations of materials, design, etc.
It all led to present day.  I love spending time putting together what I like so it can be elegant or it can be whimsical and everything in between.  The constant is always color.  I have never had any training.  A good friend said to me that I should never take lessons, that she felt it might cramp my style.   She said she liked that my jewelry made her smile.  I love that it makes someone smile!
Ardyce Sakimoto

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