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Ansel Adams Gift Shop: Dotti Holland

9 Jun

Ansel Adams Gift Shop: Dotti Holland

Dotti has lived in the Pacific Northwest for 18 years and attended Cornish College of the Arts in Fine Art. She loves to observe the local birds, many of which appear in her mixed media collages. She starts with graphite pencil and draws from a photograph. She then layers with colored pencils. She finds matching paper to create her own background beginning with the New Tork Times torn paper collage and acrylic paint and stencil.

The abstract paintings are created with acrylic paints, sand paper and pieces of found metal and are inspired by her work as a florist. When designing flowers, she works with color first and uses color combinations that she likes the best. She uses these color combinations in her paintings hoping to recreate the beauty she finds in nature.

Come by and see her exhibit in the gift shop this month. She also has her art cards for sale.

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