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Don Tiller

12 Mar

Meet the Artist: Don Tiller

Don remembers drawing cartoon characters, animals, cars and imaginary rocket ships as a child. He drew on scrap paper, board ends and cardboard – anything that would hold a mark. His introduction to painting was through the tempera colors that his dad brought home from a local sign painter and the “borrowed” vials of pigment from his sister’s paint-by-number kits.

Don was off on an artistic journey that would take him through college and into the next decade, only to be interrupted to raise a family and build two successful retail businesses. After returning to art full time, oils remained his medium of choice until a few years ago when he made the transition to acrylics. They are less toxic, odor free, and transport easily on his frequent plein air painting sessions. Each medium challenges him differently to find a process that will reflect a conversation with the subject.

Don’s body of work is primarily composed of interesting shapes and bold colors. The paintings are snippets of warped remembrances allowing you a glimpse of the things he has seen and the places he has been. When someone quips “I think I’ve been there” or “I know where that is” he knows the connection between creator and viewer has been made.

Don Tiller is one of the two artists featured in our Second Floor Art Gallery at the hotel. TWO VOICES: a contemporary colission of color. The art exhibit runs until June of 2018. For more about Don, visit his website at www.dontiller.com

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