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Jolene Sunding

8 Mar

Meet the Artist: Jolene Sunding

Just the Facts…

Jolene obtained a degree in commercial art with a minor in fine art. She has always relished the idea of seeing her work in multiples rather than one painting hanging on a wall in a gallery. She appreciates close attention to the efforts of presentation and detail. Gift wrap and greeting cards were her focus when she started college. She envisioned walking into a shop and seeing her designs in the racks among all the others. How gratifying to have her art available on a surface that could be purchased and provide a hands-on experience to be shared with others.

Using the hand-drawn line, layers and color, her designs are expressive yet graphic. Adding painterly strokes in watercolor and/or acrylic compliment the concept. Working with her clients she implements clever, resourceful ideas toward solutions for their projects. To keep the creative juices flowing and because nature continues to influence her.  She spends time walking, bicycling, dancing in Zumba class, gardening and sketching with her husband on Sundays.

For more information about Jolene Sunding, visit her website: http://www.jolenesunding.com

Jolene is one of the two artists behind TWO VOICES: a contemporary collision of color exhibit in the Second Floor Gallery at the hotel. The exhibition continues until June of 2018.

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